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African Stories II: Compelling tales of daily life

Camera man trains a camera on a woman drying briquettes in a shedIn the latest installment of African Stories, see how garbage is turned into energy, hear about the fight against a devastating banana disease and meet Kampala’s grandfather of electronics as well as an AIDS activist determined to speak out about the disease.

The feature reports were recently produced as part of the 2013 African Stories series of workshops for TV journalists, camera operators, cutters and technicians (scroll to the bottom of the post to see the videos).

TV stations from 16 English and French speaking African countries are taking part in the long-term project to sharpen their skills and at the same time, produce compelling stories about everyday people and everday lives in Africa (you can find out more about the African Stories project here).

In August, TV teams from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda met in Kampala for an 11-day workshop. This time, the DW Akademie trainers stepped up the challenge by introducing techniques for filming with a moving camera – a skill that needs some practice.

“This was new to me at the beginning and it wasn’t easy to grasp,” said camera operator Richard Ocloo-Dzaba from Nigeria. “But with more and more practice, I got the knack of it and when we did our production in the field it proved to be not only a very efficient way to work but provided very lively and realistic footage.”

Watch what participants say about the African Stories II Workshop

Twelve of the 16 participating teams will later have the chance to produce longer TV features in a series of coproductions with DW Akademie journalists. As well as learning new film techniques, those participants who make it into the final round will also be trained in how to pass their newly acquired skills to their colleagues.

“I am looking forward to the train-the-trainers part of the project,” said Lwanga Andrew Kisegerwa from Uganda. “Many of my work mates have received little, if any training and could perform much better and more efficiently if introduced properly to the trade.”

Banana Wilt – AIT TV, Nigeria: Omoregbe Darryl Bazuaye, Gbenga Stephen Janehin, Richard Ocloo-Dzaba

The banana wilt plant disease is devastating the cooking banana harvest in Uganda. This report looks at what can be done to prevent the spread of banana wilt and what measures could be taken to ensure a reliable supply of this major food staple.

Living with HIV in Uganda- KTN TV, Kenya: Wilkister Nyalal Nyabwa, Brian Masheti Mulindi, Calvin Omondi Jabedo

The story shows the daily life of an HIV-positive woman who isn’t afraid to speak out openly about her status. As an HIV/AIDS activist, she fights hard to convice people to get tested and inform themselves about the disease.

The Godfather of Electronics in Kampala – Star TV, Tanzania: Paul Charles Mabuga, David Julius Ngahyoma, Emmanuel Mkina Makwaya

Known at the ‘Godfather of Electronics’, an elderly man teaches young people in Kampala to repair technical equipment. Thanks to his help, they can earn a living and support their families.

Briquette Making in Uganda – WBS TV, Uganda: Kennes Odongo Bwire, Ismail Shafik, Lwanga Andrew Kisegerwa

Briquette makers turn the organic waste found in garbage into an environmentally friendly and cheap source of energy. Compressed briquettes are increasingly been praised as an alternative to wood charcoal, the production of which causes extensive deforestation.



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