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Monday 2014-01-27


What makes a person digitally literate?

Bangladeshi new media pioneer Shahidul Alam tells DW Akademie about the skills and tools that make a person digitally literate. In this interview, he talks about the way to improve digital literacy in Bangladesh and the meaning of more internet access in the country.

New media pioneer Shahidul Alam

UNESCO has defined digital literacy as “the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers”. With the emergence of social networking, digital literacy has become a major factor in enabling people to raise their voices, communicate, collaborate and pursue wide-scale social and political reforms.

People begin to think digitally when material things are not the only measurable items, Shahidul Alam says. As a promoter of new media, he helped introduce email to Bangladesh in 1994 and set up the first web portal in the country. Alam is also a founding member and advisor in the LEARN Foundation, which is dedicated to information and communication technology (ICT) training in rural regions.Watch the video interview and find out more:


Wednesday 2012-09-26



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